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The Drinking Card Game

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You Win By Not Losing

The Drinking Card Game will make your drinking nights (or days, no judgement) better.

The Drinking Card Game (Pre-Order Sale)

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Frequently Provided Answers

We ship only to North America, for now. Sorry, Bhutan.

Yes, there is profanity. But there are also nice moments. Just like life.

Yes, Expansion Packs are coming. Give us your email address and a list of your fears. We'll keep you up to date.

Have Card ideas? Tattoo them on your inner thigh and send us a picture @thedrinkingcardgame.

Replacement card? Buy another copy of the game. You ruined it.

No. You do not need to consume alcohol for this game to function. It would be way cooler if you did though.

Yes, you can come for a sleep over at my house. You have to ask my mom though, otherwise she'll say no. 

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